• The Synod Resource Center has purchased a one year group license for The Bible Tutor.  This in an award winning, interactive study tool developed at Luther Seminary that takes you on an engaging, comprehensive journey through the Bible.  It allows you to follow a planned course of study or tailor your studies according to your own interests or schedule. 

Bible Tutor offers:

o   7 categories for easy navigation: Bible Overview, Books, People, Dates, General Knowledge, and        Self-Tests.

o   Illustrations and Maps to guide you through historical places.

o   Photographs of modern day sites.

o   Biblical references to direct you toward additional studies.

o   Interactive self-tests that help you judge your proficiency.

o   Browser-based programming for easy use.

o   Hyperlinks that connect you with online resources.

You are invited to use this and to share the password.

The web URL is:

Username:  Luther                          password: grace

Please take advantage of all the great opportunities available.


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